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The Health Benefits of Cupping Therapy II

Whist it does appear skin is bruised it is not, however there can often be some tenderness in the areas that were treated.

Whist it does appear skin is bruised it is not, however there can often be some tenderness in the areas that were treated, however this will only last a few days and depends on the level of stagnation within your body. This is often a side effect that worries people, but rest assured its just the cups doing their job. The more often you get this treatment though the less intense the marking and tenderness, which means the toxins are being removed from your body.
Once treatement has been completed it is recommended that you drink plenty of water to help assist in the toxins being flushed form your system. Also avoid hot baths or showers, excessive or heavy exercise, heavy meals and sunbathing for the 24hrs following your treatment.
Where Can you get cupping done...
Cupping has now become a very common therapy in Australia and can be found in many massage or beauty salons that offer alternative therapies. In Australia particularly you can get cupping before you do your grocery shopping as its offered in many little alternative therapy salons that are very common in shopping centres or malls these days. If you are having difficulty finding places, look for somewhere that offers Chinese medicine or Acupuncture as these are often practices that can compliment or used as an alternative to cupping therapy. Best way is it jump on the trusty internet and just search cupping therapy in your local area and you will be surprised where it is offered as it is quite a common practice now days.
Celebrities who Cup
Cupping therapy is also quite common amongst celebrities, in particular those who are always looking to detox or partake in a cleanse. Aside from its obvious health benefits along with the now widespread practice; the proud display of the cupping marks on the red carpet by celebrities are definitely decreasing any stigmas associated with this therapy. Celebrities such as Gwenyth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham, Denise Richards, Jessica Simpson and David Arquette have been seen with these marks or endorsing their belief in the benefits of the therapy. Gwenyth Paltrow being one of the first celebrities to publicly sport the marks back in 2004 is a strong believer of the benefits of cupping and this has featured in her blog Goop.
Should you cup?
Cupping is a traditional treatment that is favored by many as it is a safe, comfortable and effective treatment for many health conditions. However, cupping is not for everyone and some things should be taken into consideration before you jump into your first session.
1. Can you tolerate a bit of minor discomfort for the procedure? Rest assured though if you are finding the suction a bit to intense just make sure you tell the practitioner who can adjust the cups to suit your tolerance.
2. Are you prepared for the marks that may hang around for a couple days to a couple of weeks that may be a little sore....*note if its your wedding day next week or your planning on spending some serious time in a bikini might be worth putting this off a little while longer as you are bound to draw attention

3. If you have had cupping done in recent weeks are the marks cleared up? It is advisable that you do repeat cupping therapy on a regular basis - however do make sure you give your skin and body a break between sessions and do not have another session till the marks are cleared up.
4. Have you been looking for a treatment that's different and effective? This might be the one for you especially if you are open to alternative therapies
5. Finally, cupping might sound unusual, but its definitely one of those things you need to try first to understand the benefits. Worst case scenario you don't like it and you can tell your friends about the experience, nothing ventured nothing gained as they say.

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