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Freedom from thyroid pills part 2

Today in the second part of hypothyroidism we are going to discuss on its symptoms. First of all before treating any patient of any disease basic necessity is to treat the patient with the root cause and not just the symptomatic treatment which is not an actual treatment patients come with the issues relating to hair fall obesity weight gain and after taking their history I come to know that they have this problem since 10 to 15 years and after taking thyroid pills religiously for so many years problem is still persisting with high degree hair fall and weight gain issue this is because of thyroid and it`s pills. Solution to this is that you should treat your thyroid because this is a root cause . Patients were first diagnosed with thyroid and medication for the same is given, gradually patient is diagnosed with Diabetes and then hypertension and medicine for those two disease is also started ,now patient needs to take three medicines in all ,hence we come to know that all this is side effects of medicine and we at Dr Rahila`s Holistic Health have complete solution to this and we treat thyroid gland naturally without side effects and patient lives healthy medicine free life.

Side effects of medicine:

Patients come after 10 to 15 years and with the increase complications. This is my sincere request for the patients do not go for symptomatic treatment if you are thyroid level is low or high then my suggestion is to improve its functioning means improve the functioning of your gland so that you don`t need medicine from outside to level your thyroid and help thyroid gland to heal and work on its own .

There are three types of thyroid primary level, secondary level and tertiary level. In the primary level problem is in the thyroid gland. In secondary issues it is in the pituitary gland means there is a problem in pituitary gland and in tertiary hypothalamus which is related to brain and the problem is from the brain itself because , T3 and T4 hormones which are thyroid stimulating hormone and thyroid releasing hormones these two hormones play vital role in showing us that T3 and T4 is balanced or not, doctors check TSH levels first which is released from pituitary gland and if it is low or high then then T3 or T4 is checked .

Now coming to the symptoms and understanding what is hypothyroidism if level of T3 or T4 is low and TSH level shoots up it is called hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism symptom is that body`s metabolism is slow and it will show its indication related to a symptoms in the whole body .Thyroid main role is to help in creating body`s metabolism and it affects the entire system of the body and if levels are not appropriate then entire body has to face its repercussion, such as hair fall problem ,skin problem , brittle nail problem ,heart problem problem ,weight gain problem and reproduction system problem and in male it is sexual dysfunction it creates problem in the functioning of entire system of the body.