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Hakeem Mushtaque shaikh pioneer and founder of Hijama House

Welcome to the Hijama House

Hijama house established 2009, purpose to spread awareness about the treatment from cupping therapy and benefit to know people. Under Hijama house many people who are very ill, suffering from pain and ailment for which they are not getting proper treatment or we can say not getting cure/benefit, But at Hijama house well treated those patients successfully.

Hakeem Mushtaque shaikh pioneer and founder of Hijama house, he is the person who worked hard for learning’s & practicing Hijama / cupping when no one was aware of this therapy, he worked hard to educated and promote about this results-oriented therapy for which he traveled in different cities of India, he gained confidence in this forgotten ancient therapy which was we; practiced conducted treatment camps and inform medical practitioners about its miraculous results for patients who were on medications for years. no was confident enough to apply this therapy for diabetes, paralysis, thyroid, neurological, orthopedic, and chronic issues.

When there was no one in the country to promote or educate about wet cupping therapy.

we both took the responsibility to take the safe and sure result oriented the therapy to all awareness of the world for the same personally traveled to north uptown Panjabi Jammu and Kashmir towards south up to Karnataka, Hyderabad, and Kerala

If you are a patient seeking quality healthcare at affordable prices!.

About Dr.Shabana Mushtaque

dr shabana

About Dr. Shabana Mushtaque

Dr. Shabana Mushtaque (BSC, D.M.L.T, DNYS, Accupunterist pioneer and co-founder of Hijama house. 1st lady of India to treat a wide range of patients by Hijama and herbs mainly. She is an expert in gynecological issues, orthopedic, diabetic, skin hair thyroid, etc.

she is a specialist in anti-aging treatment, she has successfully treated infertility of over 100’s of patients. Doctors from across the country have visited us as to how we treat our patients

Hakeem Mushtaq & Shabana Mushtaq are training this therapy those interested take advantage of cupping therapy

Keep your headup & be patient

How all this mistaken idea of denouncing pleasure and praising pain was born and I will give you a complete account of the
system and expound the actual teachings of the great.

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Team of Doctors

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Dr. Rahila Shaikh

BUMS - Cupping Expert & Trainer
  • +91 90113 88022
  • drrahilas@gmail.com

Dr. Rahila Shaikh

BUMS - Cupping Expert & Trainer
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Dr.Shabana Mushtaque

Acupuncture - Cupping Expert, Trainer & Healer
  • +91 9221899811
  • care@hijamahouse.com

Dr.Shabana M

Cupping Expert, Trainer & Healer
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Hakim Mushtaq Shariff

Hijama Expert, Trainer & Healer
  • +91 86571 81415
  • info@hijamahouse.com

Hakeem Mushtaq

Hijama Expert & Trainer
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Huzaifa Mushtaque

Acupuncture & Cupping Therapist
  • +91 73047 86616
  • shuzaifa4786@gmail.com

Huzaifa Mushtaque

Acupuncture & Cupping T